Design at Focus : Persuasion


From the experiences brought back from our Founder’s travels, Stenzhorn’s designers began to create jewellery that perfectly combines Klaus Stenzhorn’s vision of the exotic world.

Mesmorized by the breathtakingly extravagant courtship rituals of the birds-of-paradise during his travels, our designers bring a breadth of movement through swirling strokes and intense colours to convey the energy and rhythmic motion of this dramatic dance.

Our designers and skilled artisans work closely with Klaus Stenzhorn to precisely perfect each Stenzhorn piece.



A swirling fan of feathers at the centre of each Persuasion piece captures the enticing motion of the male bird-of-paradise’s colourful plumes in the opening act of his dramatic dance.

Fanning out in rippling waves from the central stone, the barbs of each plume give rise to significant yet light forms.




The remote, inaccessible and dense rainforest of Papua New Guinea has provided these rare and magnificent creatures with an ideal habitat in which to flourish. Free from natural predators, they have developed some of the animal world's most spectacular shows.

Each colorful breed has developed its own breathtakingly extravagant dance. The staggering array of male adornments, and the ways they are displayed, have become increasingly extreme through the generations, purely because they are the ones the females find most attractive.


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