Design & Inspiration : Belle


Belle jewels remind us of the beauty and frailty of Mother Nature and the importance for all of us to protect it.

As legend has it, the fairies that live in bellflower fields use buds to fashion hats and lanterns for their midsummer parties. Inspired by these stories, each ring is presented with a fairy sitting on the shank and resting in the flower’s shadow.


The story’s protagonist – the winged fairy – uniquely details each item in the collection. Ring shanks conjure the shape of a flower’s stem, evolving in a precious swirl around the finger with a diamond set at the very tip.

While many varieties of this wild flower quietly blossom around the globe, it is the Campanella Ipomoeia Aquatica that is the focus of this collection. This edible flower is made up of a single white petal tinged with pink or yellow towards its centre. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the designer’s vision was to faithfully recreate the tiny veins carrying water into flower petals, through the use of channel setting technique.



As support for the delicate diamond flowers, a yellow or rose gold gallery blossoms under each ring. The gallery’s design flourishes in gold curls, and culminates in the profiles of petit bellflowers or drops of diamonds.

The gallery’s curly shape is inspired by the oversized capital letters used in children’s fairy tales to begin a new chapter. These intricate letters often feature elaborate swirls while incorporating flowers and even characters from the story that they help to tell.



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