Design at Focus : À Fleur De Paris


Each Stenzhorn piece of high jewellery begins with a spark of inspiration. Our designers work closely with Klaus Stenzhorn, to transcribe the beauty of nature with all it's finest details. 

Jewellery drawings are often just as important as the jewellery piece itself and provides us an remarkable insight into the designer's creative vision.

À Fleur De Paris is one of our more endearingly feminine and romantic collections. At Stenzhorn, we have a very distinctive narrative style where imaginary moments, poems and legends are transformed into confident and clean designs set with precious coloured gemstones.



The collection is a dedication to the spring-time beauty of Parisian gardens. 

This collection represents an open possibility of romance, when two lover’s cross paths as they walk along the gardens of Paris. Invisibly-set flower petals recall the overhanging arches of planted trellis, and capture the trembling emotion when two hearts meet. 




The collection also includes stylish daily designs, characterised by sparkling pavè elements in a blooming of colourless diamond petals.  Central marquise rubies form a round bud, with pavé -set diamond petals that gently blow in the breeze.


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